The 5 Key Reasons Traditional Outdoor Advertising Should Be A Part Of Every Business Owners Marketing Strategy

There's no denying that traditional outdoor, or Out-Of-Home (OOH), advertising is an effective part of any marketing strategy.

That's why all the big boys use it!

Let's take a look at why this is...

1. It's Cost Effective

Do you know how much it costs to book a half-page ad in the Metro newspaper, per day? It's just shy of £5,000.00. Yep, that's five grand for a HALF-PAGE AD for just ONE day!

And if you've looked into radio or TV advertising, you'll know how much they cost!

The large billboard advertisers, too, tend to have such exorbitant overheads that they need to set their fees such that regular businesses have no chance of affording them.

Our solutions start from just £35 per week for a full-board advertisement on one of our Passenger / Customer Information Panels at rail stations and Asda stores all across the country.

2. It Develops Trust

In fact, outdoor advertising has a 55% level of trust, compared to only 44% for search ads. And that drops to just 33% for banner ads.

It makes sense for businesses to place their budget into areas where they can influence people and grow trust. These statistics show that that area is traditional advertising.

Plus, your advert appears alongside established brands such as Network Rail and Asda, further increasing the perceived trust levels - you're ad isn't just on some board by the roadside!

3. Less Invasive/Annoying

When you surf online, if an ad bothers you, you block it.

Often, ads are in the same positions on different sites, like the header and sidebar. Over time, this conditions consumers to simply ignore them.

And as for those annoying popups that get in-your-face and drive visitors crazy? They destroy credibility by being associated with negative emotions.

Traditional outdoor advertising doesn't suffer from such issues, and our ads are strategically located in high-visibility locations, which attract consumers looking for local information (station maps, store opening times, etc), and garner additional views.

Our Information Panels are just 'there', and are an accepted part of life. They don't annoy anyone, and are generally considered to offer real value, which benefits your brand by lending even more credibility!

4. Far Greater Potential to Reach the Right Viewers

Train stations often have captive audiences, especially when travellers are waiting around in the councourse or on the platforms.

And regular commuters typically become repeat viewers who see your brand day-in, day-out, which establishes brand awareness at a sub-conscious level. Research by COG Research and the Outdoor Media Centre showed that people have a 33% heightened alertness when they’re out and about, making them more likely to see and recall advertising.

5. They Can’t Be Blocked

Ha! Popup blockers be damned! Short of wearing a blidfold, you can't block our Information Panels!

In fact, people actively seek out our panels to obtain useful, relevant information, and your ad is presented alongside garnering additional views and credibility.

The bottom line is that once a client secures one of our locations, they typically want to secure it year after year. Take for example the following feedback from Specsavers in Retford:

Specsavers, Asda Retford

“I have been working with Martin Peck of UK Media for the past two years, and I have been delighted with my advert at Asda in Retford. The ad is placed at the opposite end of the town to the practice and gave me a great opportunity to advertise the business in an area that otherwise would have proved difficult. The ad also continues to generate awareness and new business, giving a level of exposure a cut above my competition. I look forward to working with UK Media for years to come...”

Karen Allan, Retail Director
Specsavers, Retford

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